Monday, April 18, 2011

Charlie Sheen's Trademark Applications

Can Charlie Sheen trademark the phrase “Duh”? He’d like to, apparently. Sheen, or “Hyro Gliff Corporation” as he is sometimes known these days, is making a good deal of money with his wild public antics, and it looks like he’s come up with a way to make just a little bit more. He recently filed trademark applications with the USPTO for 22 of the different phrases he’s been riffing on lately. He wants to trademark the name of his sold-out tour, “Violent Torpedo of Truth," (USPTO Appl. No. 85272939) and as well as other gems such as: Tiger Blood (USPTO Appl. No. 85271454), Rock Star from Mars, Sober Valley Lodge, Sheen’s Goddesses, and Duh. The majority of these applications include a laundry list of goods and services ranging from cell phones to energy drinks and more. So there’s a good chance you may start seeing “Sober Valley Lodge” T-Shirts in the not-too-distant future.